We're new at this

We here at BOP are really good at giving you the audience a wide variety of shows and performance opportunities. What we're still learning is how to design a website. Please excuse the odd extra pages.

We'll be updating each page as we get more information, so you'll know everything you need to get a good seat at one or all of our productions.

Mark your calendars!

First, think OPEN STAGE on September 2. Time 7 pm. Place Central School Project. Cost $2. We had to double (!!!) our price to make sure we cover the rent, but the great performances (by you and your talented neighbors) are certainly worth it. We've had singers, dancers, poets, musicians. Come before 7 pm to sign up. Rae won't be taking late signups. Of course, you can just come to watch and applaud.

The Fisherman's Clever Daughter, our musical offering of the season, opens September 23. Rehearsals are going well, but Ben and Jeremey Caron could use more townspeople. Contact benski2@gmail.com to join up.